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Requesting refunds

To request a refund for a purchase, it must be done within the refund request period stipulated by the Seller. You can check the refund deadline in the product information, in My purchases.


  • If your purchase is a subscription, in other words, a purchase with recurring payments, when you request a refund, it will be canceled and future payments will not be made.
  • If your subscription was purchased in Spain, the refund request period is only valid for the first payment. 
  • If your purchase was made via BACS or SEPA, you’ll need to request your refund with your bank. This is only applicable in countries that accept the aforementioned payment methods. 

To request a refund, just follow the steps that come up after clicking on Request refund.


Receiving refunds

Check the deadlines for receiving refunds depending on the payment method you used at the time of purchase.


Payment method


Refund method

Credit card

Current or next statement

Current or next statement


7 business days

Origin Pix account


30 to 60 days

Method chosen on PayPal

Boleto bancário

7 business days for national purchases

15 business days for international purchases

Informed bank account

Hotmart balance

Hotmart balance: 5 business days

Credit card: Current or next statement

Hotmart balance: Refund in Hotmart account

Credit card: Current or next statement

Cupón de Pago/Sencillito/Oxxo/Efecty

10 business days

Deposit in the bank account entered in Ebanx

Google Pay

Current or next credit card statement

Current or next credit card statement


8 business days

Parcelex will contact you to carry out the refund

Samsung Pay

Current or next credit card statement

Current or next credit card statement

U.K. debit (BACS)

Informed by bank

Informed by bank

European Union debit (SEPA)

Informed by bank

Informed by bank


Informed by bank

Informed by bank


Requesting a refund from the creator

  1. You can also request a refund directly from the creator. They'll perform the request through the platform, and you'll receive a request confirmation email.
  2. If you requested a refund within the refund period but still haven't received a confirmation email, please contact our Support Team and send us proof of your request, such as screenshots. Your proof must contain the sender and recipient, date and time of sending, and full message content. Images with screen clippings will not be valid. 

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