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How to setup a product’s co-production?

Co-production happens when two or more people create a product together. Through this feature at Hotmart, it is possible to split the profits in the way the creators seem fit, having the payments automated for each one of the Producers.

For this setup, Hotmart has some rules, which are:

  • The number of co-Producers is unlimited, however, the main Producer needs to have at least 30% of the revenue for herself. In other words, the main Producer can split up to 70% of the revenue with as many co-Producers as she wishes;
  • Regardless of how many co-Producers there are, the main Producer answers for the product in the fiscal, tax, and legal spheres;
  • Only the main Producer can change the product’s setup. Co-Producers will have access to the product’s Sales History but can’t change any of its characteristics.

To setup a product with this feature

1. Access your Hotmart account via this link: https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login
2. On the left side menu, choose Tools
3. Click on Coproductions
4. Choose a product, click Continue and then Add
5. Fill in the information (email of the coproducer; length of contract; commission percentage; who will get commissions for sales; if Affiliates will get specific commissions)
6. Renewing a Coproduction Contract 

Determine the terms of the contract which will be sent to your partner and how much she will receive as commission. Pay attention to the Terms of Use that regulate this contract and be aware that:

  • The user who registers a product at Hotmart has total responsibility over the product, regardless of how many co-Producers are attached to the product. This includes but does not limit to fiscal, legal and customer support responsibilities;
  • All revenue made for the Producer is now split with the co-Producer(s) associated to the product. This also applies to any revenue brought in by Affiliates;
  • Once the co-Producer accepts the contract, to terminate it, if this is perpetual, the Producer needs to be deactivated;
  • The co-Producer needs to already have a Hotmart account.


Re-sending the contract

If you’d like to renew or cancel a coproduction contract, follow these steps:

  1. Under I’m a Coproducer, click on the tab Review Requests
  2. Click on the three points under Actions and Renew Contract
  3. Click on the three points under Actions and Cancel Contract

Your coproducer will need to accept the coproduction request, and they’ll also need to accept the request to cancel.

The co-productor can only view and accept the coproduction after the confirmation of his personal information at Hotmart's platform. To do it, he must click the option My Account at the superior menu and select the tab Personal Information. 

If you want your co-Producer to have permission to edit or manage some features on your Hotmart account, register her as your account attendant.

If you have any questions or problems regarding this matter, we advise you to get in touch with our Support under the subject CO-PRODUCTION.

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