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How long do I have access to my product?

A lot of products on our platform have an end date for access, which is set by the Producer. So, not every product purchased has lifetime access, which is to say, products with no end-date. 

The time period for access also depends on the type of product you’ve purchased, which could be:

  • A digital product purchased with a one-time payment
  • A subscription product    

Digital product purchased with a one-time payment

This is the type of product that you make one payment for to gain access. Different from a subscription, where there are periodic payments, this type of purchase gives you access to a course without having to renew your subscription later. 

It’s really important that you don’t confuse paying in Smart Installments with a subscription. Even though you can divide your purchase into several payments on your credit card with Smart Installments, this doesn’t mean that the product is considered a subscription product. This is because you’ve actually just made a one-time payment, but have chosen to break the payments up in agreement with your credit card provider. 

Generally, products that are one-time payment tend to have lifetime access - no end date- or have limited-time access.

This is something that is decided by the Producer, so we suggest you get in touch with them directly to know more about the access time of the product you’ve purchased. 

You can find the contact info for the Producer on the product’s sales page or payment page.   


Hotmart Producers can also register a digital product in a subscription format. This setup allows them to charge recurring payments to the buyer. These payments could be monthly, bimonthly, semestral or annually to have access to the product. In this model, the Producer decides if the access will be only during the subscription period or if it will continue even after the last subscription payment.   

If the Producer chooses to give access only during the subscription period, this period varies according to the contract. If the subscription is monthly, for example, starting from the date of the payment, you’ll have 30 days of access and then another subscription payment will be charged to renew. This is the same idea for bimonthly, quarterly, semestral, and annual plans.

  • Monthly - 1 month of access until the next renewal
  • Bimonthly - 2 months of access until the next renewal
  • Quarterly - 3 months of access until the next renewal 
  • Semestral - 6 months of access until the next renewal
  • Annual - 12 months of access until the next renewal

There is also the specific case of limited subscription, in other words, a subscription where the Producer determines a maximum time period for payments. This could happen with monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or semestral plans. 

The Producer determines how many payments will be charged within the plan you’ve contracted. After paying this set number of payments, the subscription will end and access to the product will be blocked. 

For instance: you purchased a monthly subscription limited to 9 months. This means that your access to the product will be for 9 months. Or, there are also situations where the contract could be a quarterly subscription, in which you pay a price to have access to the product for 3 months. After this time period, there will be no renewal and the subscription will be automatically canceled along with your access.  

If you have any further questions about the type of subscription you’ve purchased, just get in touch with our Customer Support or talk directly with the Producer of the product via their email found in the contract.     

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