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How can I change the payment settings of my subscription service?

You, yourself, can cancel a subscription as well as change other payment settings by logging into your account on the Hotmart platform!

Below you’ll find the instructions you should follow to:

Change the payment date of the monthly subscription:

You can change the payment date of your subscription at any time. This change always applies to the month following the one of the next payment.

1) Log in to our platform

Link: https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login

Enter your login and password. If you don’t remember, you can reset it clicking “Forgot your Password?”.

If this is your first access to our platform and you don't have a password yet, just click "Recover My Password". You will receive an email from Hotmart with the subject Change your password. The new password must contain at least 7 and at most 20 characters, containing at least one letter and one number (spaces will not be accepted by the system).

2) The My Products page will open and you can see your purchases made through Hotmart.

OBS: users who have a Producer or Affiliate profile, after logging in should click the option “Purchases” on the left side menu. You’ll be redirected to My Products page.

3) Click the desired subscription. A tab will open on the right side.

4) On this tab, select the option Set up Payment 

5) To your right, on the tab ‘Due Date’, choose the new payment date (according to picture below):

6) After you choose the due date, click ‘Edit Information’.

Change the credit card registered to pay for a subscription:

You can change the payment card registered at the time of the purchase to pay for the subscription. Every time you make this procedure, US$1.00 will be charged on your invoice, which will be promptly refunded. This amount is the indication that the card was successfully changed! To do that:

1) Follow the steps from the topic above until you click Set up Payment.

2) Then, you’ll be redirected to the payment screen, where you can change your card information:

3) After you fill out the new credit card data, click ‘Edit Information’.

If you have any difficulties in performing these actions or want to know more about the subscription service from Hotmart, know that our Support is always at your disposal!

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