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How to enable media files using Streaming?

To use the streaming service on Hotmart Club, first, you need to enable this feature on your Members Area. In addition, your students can watch your course on TV through the Hotmart smart TV app.

1 - Click on Settings on the left side menu of your Members Area

2 - Access the tab Streaming 

3 -Enable the Streaming function 

4 - Save the settings 

After you have enabled it, you can already add audio and video files on your page.

On the left side menu of your Members Area, select the option Content 

When creating a New Page, Streaming options will be available.

You can upload up to 3 videos per page and the files must be 4GB maximum.

Keep in mind that for each purchase approved, a streaming fee of US$ 1.49 will be charged. If you choose to disable this feature, the content that use it will be blocked.

For sales of Offer Bundles with products that use the Hotmart Video Player, the activation fee is USD/EUR 2.99. You can learn more here.

Besides uploading files for the streaming session, you can also attach extra files for download. For more information, access “What kind of content can I add to a lesson?”

All video files hosted on Club will be optimized and the process lasts around 5 minutes. Meanwhile, you can save the page and continue working on other content. Once the optimization is completed, the file will be automatically updated and you can view it on your page.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, you can open a request with our Support under the subject ENABLE MEDIA FILES USING STREAMING. Our team is at your disposal!

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