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What is a Seed Launch product?

Many creators use a Seed Launch product as a strategy to test how well the market will receive the product they intend to launch. 

This type of launch can be done even if there isn’t an actual product yet, and can mean that the content is in its creation phase, or will be added during the course.

For the registration of this type of product, Hotmart establishes a few rules, which are:

  • The creation of a members' area where the product will be hosted 
  • A welcoming video explaining how the content will be delivered must be included in the members' area
  • Within the members’ area, you should also include a schedule with the expected date (mm/dd) for the delivery of the content. 

These items will help you be aware of the type of product you’re buying, and if you have any questions regarding the content of the product and its availability, you can contact the seller's support email.

The seller has the detailed information about the product and can help you with your request!

To find the contact information for the creator responsible for the product you purchased, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the page: https://consumer.hotmart.com/ 
  • Click on your product;
  • That's it! The contact information will appear under the product name.
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