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What is Hotmart’s TV app?

Hotmart’s app for smart TVs offers another way to watch the courses you purchased on our platform.

Hotmart wants to make your learning experience even better. Can you imagine getting tips from your favorite teachers while having a coffee or relaxing on the couch?

The Hotmart TV app is only available for Samsung Tizen 2017-2021, LG WebOS 2017-2021, and Android TV (Android 7.0 - 9.0), but, it’ll soon be available for other models. To check the Smart TV models that will be compatible with the Hotmart TV app in the future, we recommend accessing the official Hotmart channels. Due to the initial phase of making the application available in this format and/or the operating system (and its updates) of your television, the Hotmart TV app may not be available yet for download and use on your Smart TV.

Check out the main advantages:

  • Access all the courses you bought that use the Hotmart Video Player and easily browse through them using your TV remote;
  • Watch your courses with the same experience as your favorite series;
  • Practice what you learn, preparing your dinner while watching your culinary course or even while training at home;
  • Watch events livestreamed with Hotmart’s provider;
  • Browse the module’s lesson playlist while watching content;
  • If you haven’t bought a course yet, you can see the options available on Hotmart Marketplace;
  • Take notes wherever you prefer, while your course is streaming;
  • Watch your courses on your TV’s big screen, with greater sound and image quality;
  • Hit play, pause, and watch as many times as you like.

Installing the Hotmart app on your smart TV is super easy! Just access your TV’s app store and download the Hotmart app for free. Then, just log in with the same email and password you used to purchase your course and choose what you want to watch.

Your favorite content will be available whenever you want for you to hit play and watch your classes while having a coffee or relaxing on the couch. 

Check out this new feature and discover the complete learning experience with Hotmart!

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