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How to create Paid Communities through the Hotmart platform

Paid Communities are a way to monetize your content. You create the community, configure it, and leave everything ready for your customer to purchase/access your Communities.

Additionally, Paid Communities:

  • Enable integrations with YouTube and WordPress;
  • Allow different content formats;
  • Do not have algorithms that reduce their reach;
  • Have no advertising;
  • Have data and reports generated by the Hotmart platform; 
  • Have an Affiliate Program to promote their community.

To create a Paid Community, follow the steps below:

  1. Access your account using the link:⦁ ⦁ app.hotmart.com
  2. Go to the menu Products and click Create Product;
  3. Then click Community; 
  4. You will need to fill in the name, enter a description of at least 200 characters, and select the category of your community. Remember that it is not mandatory to insert an image for your community. You can enter it directly into the app later;
  5. To proceed, click Next; 
  6. Now, you will price your product by creating a New Price and filling in all the necessary information.  
  7. Set your community's privacy settings and add tags for product search, then click Next; 
  8. Read the terms of use and if you agree, select the option I have read and accept Hotmart's Terms of Use and Privacy Policies, and then click Next to complete the registration;
  9. After completion, wait for your Paid Community to be available;
  10. Once approved, just publicize and sell your community.

How will payment work?

Hotmart offers a complete platform with all the solutions for you to create, sell, and manage your digital products. It is no different with Paid Communities, they are integrated with HotPay, Hotmart's Payment System, which identifies and processes its customers' payments.

What payment methods will be offered?

Your customer can pay via:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Payment with 2 cards
  • Bank Billing
  • Pix
  • Google Pay and Samsung Pay
  • PayPal

And best of all, Producers only pay when they sell!

Like other Hotmart products, creating Paid Communities is free, and Hotmart earns a commission of 9.99% + R$1.00 for each purchase of your product.

Add your Paid Community to Hotmart Club

Now it is possible to add your Paid Community product to Hotmart Club and enjoy all the benefits of the members’ area. 

  1. Access Hotmart Club using the link⦁ https://app.hotmart.com/membership/list
  2. Select your existing Hotmart Club or create a new one (check out the step-by-step instructions here);
  3. At the side menu, click Products;
  4. Then click on “Add product” and select your Community.

When adding your Community to Hotmart Club, your students will be able to access it in the Hotmart app, in the “My Purchases” section, and in “Communities”, in addition to it also being available via the web in the Hotmart Club experience.

At Hotmart Club, your Community product can be displayed on the Showcase for all your customers, and anyone who doesn't have the product will be able to buy it easily.

Your students will be able to find your Community even faster. With the change to Club, it will be displayed in the side menu, next to all Communities, with a dollar sign ($). 

Important: when adding your Community to Hotmart Club, all content and students are imported normally, in addition, there will be no monetary impact on subscriptions.

And how will Communities appear in Hotmart Club? 

When you take your Community product to Hotmart Club, it will appear in the left side menu along with the open and exclusive Communities. To differentiate them, your Community will have a dollar sign ($). 

Additionally, you can add your Community to the Showcase to make visibility and access even easier. 

Integrate your students' consumption experience and increase the frequency of your customers' interaction with the Community, add it now to Hotmart Club.

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