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How to configure the Funnelytics pixel

Funnelytics is a tool that can help you create sales funnels and different email marketing flows for your digital business. Now you can also insert a tracking pixel from Funnelytics and enjoy all the benefits of this tool in your Hotmart account.


First step: copying the identifier


1 - Access your Funnelytics account (https://funnelytics.io)

2 - On the Funnels screen, go to the Settings option


3 - In the Analytics Script box, copy the identifier as shown in the figure below


Second step: configuring the pixel on the Hotmart platform


1 - Access your Hotmart account (https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login)

2 - Click on Tools in the left side menu

3 - Then, open the Pixel tracking option and select the product

4 - On the services screen, click on the Funnelytics option and paste the identifier


5 - Click next and choose the pixel sending options


6 - Click on finish to complete the configuration

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