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What is HotLeads and how to configure it?

HotLeads is an exclusive Hotmart tool that associates lead capture to Affiliate commissioning. You can add alternative pages and integrate them with your email marketing provider within the HotLeads integration page.

Moreover, it provides Digital Producers with rich information about their potential customers and creates a very intuitive interface to aid in the analysis of the collected data.

Setting up HotLeads:

To set up your HotLeads, you need to have permission to alter your own website’s HTML.

You can follow the step-by-step below to use the widget:

  1. Log in to your Hotmart account
  1. From the side menu, choose Tools
  1. Go to HotLeads
  1. Select your product
  1. Click New Configuration
  1. Choose your email marketing provider. If you don’t have a registered account in a provider yet, you can register on this page.

The providers available for integration are:

ActiveCampaign, AWeber, ClickFunnels, ConvertKit, Customer.io, E-goi, EverWebinar, GetResponse, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, Klick Mail, LeadLovers, MailChimp, Mautic, Ontraport, RD Station, WebinarJam

  1. If you have a registered account, select the account and the list and then click Continue
  1. Now you’ll have access to the tracking code, which is a script that will ensure the operation of HotLeads. Copy the code and install it on your page
  1. Enter the address of the code installation page or choose one of the alternative pages already registered in your account and click Continue
  1. In the next step, take the lead capture test. Access your page, register and confirm a lead
  1. Enter the email address of the lead used on the test. Remember to carry out the test using a valid email, because if the provider requires the lead to be verified in two steps, this confirmation will be required to activate the HotLeads
  1. Click Continue
  1. The platform will inform you if HotLeads was set up successfully. Confirm the information and click Finish
  1. The next page will list all the existing settings for the selected product
  1. You can click on the three dots icon, in the Actions column, to disable, edit, or delete a setting

Commission Tracking by using HotLeads

Initially developed to be an alternative to cookies when tracking commissions - already considered really secure -, HotLeads now has increased its tracking ability. Check more about it on this article.

Data analysis

HotLeads will provide a better base to your campaigns and sales strategies and will become a more powerful allie in generating insights to the Producer and, therefore, in increasing their conversions.

HotLeads’ interface enables you to follow the behavior of your leads in real time and instantly evolve your campaigns.

How to track the behavior of your leads?

1. On the left-hand menu, select Reports 

2. Select the Report of Collected Leads  

The following page will feature:

ATTENTION: the Report of Collected Leads is updated in real time.

If explored correctly, the client data captured will result in more assertive actions. Some of the data that will be at your disposal with HotLeads are:

  • Country of origin of Leads;
  • Device used (is it a mobile or a desktop experience?);
  • Browser (Google Chrome or Firefox, for example);
  • UTM Code and other campaign codes;
  • Previous Destiny Page and many others.

3. You can select the tab Per Lead or Per Affiliate.

The tab Per Lead shows the following information:

Clicking on the lead desired, you’ll get to view how this lead was collected.

On the tab Per Affiliate, you’ll have access to the data below:

ATTENTION: the reports per lead and per Affiliate are updated every half hour.

If you want to explore it the best way possible, check our article:

Safe commissions, more information on your Leads, and more efficient digital strategies

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