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What is a Sales Funnel and how to set it up?

The Sales Funnel is a feature available on Hotmart that can be useful for you to relate the promotion of your products and offer downsells, upsells and cross-sells when a buyer purchases one of your products, the setup product, which starts the sales process through the Funnel.

It is based on leading your customer from the moment she gets in touch with your product or service until the completion of the business itself. Which means, it is about leading the journey of each individual from your target audience towards your final goal, which is making the sale.

To use this feature, the user needs to be the main Producer of the product, so Affiliates, Collaborators, Affiliates Manager and Co-Producers, are not able to set up the Funnel.

Besides, the two conditions below need to be fulfilled for the Producer to start setting up the Funnel:

  • Have two or more registered products approved;
  • The sales page of the first product (also called setup product) can be an internal Hotmart page or an external one. However, the sales pages for the other products on the funnel must be external.

Upsell, Downsell, and Cross-Sell - the main strategies that can be applied to creating the Sales Funnel:

  • Upselling is offering useful products to the consumer, after the first purchase. The second product isn’t necessarily more valuable than the previous one;
  • Downselling is a sales strategy used to convince the consumer who refused a purchase. She gets a second chance to buying the same product, but at improved conditions;
  • Cross Selling is a sales strategy that mixes Upselling and Downselling on the Sales Funnel, offering options to the client according to her positive or negative reaction to the previously offered product.

Setting up my Sales Funnel

1. Login to the Hotmart account through the link: https://www.hotmart.com/login

2. After you access your account, you need to click Tools 

3. Select the option Sales Funnel 

4. To create your funnel, click on New Funnel  

In creating the funnel, the Producer creates a sequence of pages that evolves in a flow that varies according the buyer’s option of accepting the purchase or not.

5. On the next screen, you’ll need to fill out the following fields to begin setting it up:

  • Name of the funnel
  • Name of the Product for which you wish to create the funnel
  • Choice of the offer to which the funnel will be applied
  • The option of payment through credit card is mandatory but you can also choose the option of bank slips (for the countries where this option is available) or PayPal.

6. Click on Save to continue the process.  

Creating the steps of my Funnel

To structure your Sales Funnel, you can create sequences of offers for your products so that, when making a purchase, the customer will immediately directed to the next offer.

1. On the main page of the Sales Funnel, click on Edit stages:

2. On the next screen, click on Start 

3. The screen for the next step will be shown:

4. Fill out the fields and click on Save

Notice you can add the texts that will feature on the sale button and the next that will show up on the “No” option on the Funnel, besides the page URL that will present the Funnel offer to the buyer.

Warning: The product selected on this window needs to be the product you want to lead your buyer to after the purchase of the Setup product.


Customize the Sales Funnel buttons:

  1. Go to the Sales Funnel homepage, choose a sales funnel and click Edit stages: 
  2. On the next screen, click on Start
  3. The next stage will be displayed:
  4. Fill in the fields and click Next
  5. On the next screen, uncheck the option "Use the default sales button appearance" 
  6. You'll be able to edit the button and choose the colors, outline or make your CTA text only.
  7. Customize the buttons your way and click Next to get a preview of how they'll look.
  8. If everything looks okay, click Save, and you're done!

There you go! You already started your Funnel flow:

5. The next step is to decide the next page of the funnel: where do you want to guide the buyer if she chooses to buy or not buy your second product? You can create a new stage leading her to a thank you page and ending the funnel or you can create how many stages as you wish.

  • If you decide to end the funnel:

  • If you decide to continue the Funnel:

After you register all the stages, you can view and edit them. Therefore, define the paths each stage will lead the buyer depending on her choice of YES or NO, by clicking the link Edit.

Here’s an example of funnel with two stages and right after, two thank you pages:

IMPORTANT: on the funnel there can’t be any orphan stages. What does this mean? The last stages of the funnel need to lead to a Thank You Page. To make sure your flow ended correctly, notice if the green and red buttons (in the image represented by “I Want to Buy It” and “No, thanks) are not clickable. They need to be opaque.


Installing the Widget code on my Sales Pages

On the pages on the second stage on, it will be necessary to install the HTML codes of the Sales Page Widget on your sales page (which will show the purchase button on the sales page you informed on each stage). Follow the steps below:

1. Get the code of each stage on the button “Widget Code” and enter it to your page. You can copy them by clicking on the icon: 

Activating my Sales Funnel

After the stages are created and the codes are added on each sales page from each step, the Funnel needs to be activated. There are two ways of doing so:

  • On the Funnel page itself, click on Activate on the top right-hand corner of the page.

  • Or, through the option Tools located on the left side menu of the platform, where all the Funnels you’ve created will be displayed!

After you activate it, the status changes, as you can see on the image below:

All set! If you’d like to test the Funnel, just make a test purchase! A tip is to make the purchase through bank slip payment (if available in your country) so it is not necessary to request the refund, ok? And remember that, to test it, you need to remember to buy the product through the offer you set up!

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