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How does the tracking process of Promotional Links (HotLinks) work?

Before we go into detail about how the tracking process of promotional links works, it is important to understand the concept behind them.  

Each promotional link (Hotlink) has a unique reference code that is directly associated with your Hotmart account and the product being promoted. This allows us to track and attribute the sales you make. 

The affiliations tracking is carried out via cookies that are installed in customers' browsers when they click on the links sent to potential buyers. 

Let's say that a buyer clicks on an affiliate’s link. The browser through which they accessed the payment page keeps the affiliate's record (cookies) for 60, 90, 180 days or indefinitely (depending on the creator’s configuration). 

That is, if the future buyer decides to purchase the product within this pre-established period and uses the same browser (and computer) through which they clicked on the affiliate Hotlink, this affiliate will receive the commission as usual. 

IMPORTANT: Pay attention to the link you are promoting and avoid sharing the link directly from the sales page, as this will prevent you from receiving the commission. 

You should promote your Affiliate Promotional Link because it is responsible for registering the cookie on the buyer's computer. Check how to find the correct link in the article What are promotional links (Hotlinks) and how to share them? 

If you want to confirm a link’s reference, just check the REF abbreviation at the end of the payment page (on the right side, at the bottom). When clicking on the REF abbreviation, the Affiliate code will appear, as long as the previous conditions are followed.  

The REF code of the payment page should be the same code at the end of the link provided to you.

For example, http://www.go.hotmart.com/REF:


If you have questions about commission tracking, check out the article What are Hotmart’s rules to attribute commissions? andWhat can stop me from receiving commission after a sale? 

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