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Blueprint: how to get a high score for my product

You must have already noticed that blue bar (between Temperature and Satisfaction) when clicking on your Products on our platform, right? This is the Blueprint, our product evaluation system!  

The Blueprint is a scoring system for the products we have on the Hotmart Market according to the information registered by the product creator.

That is to say, the more information your product has, the brighter the spotlight could shine on it by means of being listed on the Hottest and Most Recent in the Market.      

Heads up: For your product to appear in our Market menu, it needs to have a rating higher than 60%.

So, how can you get a high Blueprint score?

Your Blueprint score is calculated for each product by grading a series of criteria which vary from how fitting the name is to the quality of the sales page you’ve created. There are particular features that come into play during this grading:  

Product Characteristics 

An ebook or video classes will be the final products that make it to your customers. But the quality of support around these materials, e.g. the text document and the members area, play a huge part in if the customer experience is up to par or not. This can be just as important as the actually material for sale. Because of this, never forget to be as professional as possible: make your ebook layout visually pleasing and if there is a members area for the product, organize the video classes neatly and leave your website looking clean and professional.  

Keep in mind that user experience is everything. Customer evaluations are great indicators of what products are doing well and we’ve noticed that the feedback left for our producers has more to do with the users’ experience while learning and using the products than the material itself. Don’t forget: presentation is behind it all.     

It’s also important to take these questions into consideration:

  1. Is the name of my product appropriate for the content?   
  1. Is the chosen Category for the product the most appropriate?  
  1. Is the format of the product right? (e.g. If it’s an ebook, is it a PDF or ePUB?) 
  1. Is the description of the product clear and the content information relevant for the buyer and also for the affiliate?   
  1. Are the product photos high quality? 
  1. Is the supporting material of the content (text document and the members area) good quality? (e.g. for ebooks: the information is well organized, the cover and index go well with the content.).   

Avoid spelling errors in ebooks and amature video recordings

It’s not unusual to come across products with a lot of spelling mistakes, be it ebooks or video courses. Some novice producers that just recording a video as a screencast looks professional and therefore deserves a good blueprint. They’re wrong!  

We guide our Producers to make exceptional videos, with high visual quality and great audio. Customers appreciate it, in addition to looking more credible, all of this raises the odds that your product will sell more. 

Sales Page

One of the biggest problems novice producers at Hotmart face is dealing with the quality of their sales page. Many times, we get poorly constructed or even incomplete sales pages and the producers don’t seem to understand why we’ve given them a low blueprint score.  

To avoid this, make a point to present your product with the best content possible. Take advantage of other products already on Hotmart that have a great blueprint score as a reference point when creating your own sales page. The more information about the product and producer you include on your sales page, the more credibility your product will have. 

We always suggest bigger producers to use their own sales pages. This makes it easier to customize and streamline everything for the customer. Keep a mindset that you should create an amazing sales page, visually elegant and providing a top-notch user experience

Ask yourself:

  1. Is my Sales Page under my own domain name (.com)? 
  1. Is my Sales Page customized and has all the needed information for the buyer?  
  1. Does my Sales Page have issues in the layout or design? Does it have any “annoying” elements like pop-ups, or is it visually crowded with too many colors and varying fontes?    
  1. Is the text on my Sales Page well written and helping the buyer make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase? 
  1. Does my product description match the registered content? 
  1. Are the minimum requirements to use my product apparent? E.g. for software: the necessary Operating System and computer requirements, for ebooks: is it a ePUB or PDF file, etc.   

Price vs Perceived Value 

Some Producers post products with absurd prices. We appreciate course prices that fit the actually perceived value delivered to the customer. Independent from the content, the quality of the surrounding material delivered to the user makes a difference in the user’s experience with the product.    

Keep in mind that the price of the product is important for your product’s approval and in the blueprint score. 

Be clear with Affiliates

Yes, your relationship with affiliates and the materials you offer them makes a direct difference in your blueprint score. The more a producer provides for an affiliate, in the form of images, banners and support, the more likely they’ll get a good blueprint score.   

Attention is drawn to the Hotmart market primarily by affiliates and that’s why their role is vital in the path to success of your product on our platform. Keeping affiliates in mind is just another way of thinking about the success of your product. And making high quality content available to them has direct impact in your blueprint score.    

The commissioning information you offer is critical for affiliates when choosing products to promote, so ask yourself: 

  1. Is the affiliate commission appealing?  
  2. Promotional media for affiliates: has the producer made banners, images and other media available?


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