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What is the satisfaction index in the Market?

When accessing Hotmart’s Market, you may have already noticed the categories Hottest, Most loved, and Most recent. In this article, we’ll talk about the Most Loved category of products.


The products listed under the Most Loved category are those with the highest satisfaction index. This index can vary from 1 to 5. To check the satisfaction index of a product in the Market, just click the product and access this and other details.

Satisfaction is measured by clients’ reviews about the product. As soon as the payment is approved in our system, the buyer can access My Products page and check all products she purchased on our platform. She can also rank the products purchased.

The satisfaction level is an important index when choosing products to become affiliated to, after all, if the clients are happy with the product purchased, smaller are the chances of requesting a refund and higher are the chances of making sales.

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