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How do I set up my Checkout Parameters?

The checkout parameters allow you to decide which payment methods will be available for that specific customer and shape the checkout according to your sales strategy.

For example, the functionality to hide PayPal on the checkout page is hidePayPal, which is used to hide PayPal in a “forced” way. In this case, you can enable PayPal for your product and in the normal sales links by putting “hidePayPal=1” at the end.  

Your link will change as follows:


The same procedure applies to the following functions:

  • Hide the payment option via bank slip (available for sales in specific countries): hideBillet=1
  • Hide the bank transfer payment option: hideTransf=1
  • Hide the PayPal payment option: hidePayPal=1
  • Add Smart Installment payment in 12 installments as an initial option: split=12

If your product has different installment options, and you want to present the checkout with a pre-selected option that is not “Single Payment,” just add “&split=X” at the end of your checkout link, where X is the number of installments pre-selected to your buyer.

  • Hide split payment in two credit cards option: hideMultipleCards=1
  • Show only the trial period option: showOnlyTrial=1
  • Hide the trial option: hideTrial=1
  • Apply a coupon on the checkout page: &offDiscount=COUPONCODE
  • Show the option to subscribe to a trial via bank slip: showTrialBillet=true
  • Hide the Hotmart Account payment option: hideWallet=1

Important: When registering a checkout parameter, you should insert the '?' symbol if you are adding a first parameter found in the link and the '&' symbol if the link already has another registered parameter. For example:


Tip: You can copy and paste the link into a text editor, such as Word or Notepad. After that, just add the parameter and share the edited link!


How to change the highlighted price in my checkout?

To change the featured price in your checkout, simply follow these steps:

  1. Access your account on the platform via the link https://app.hotmart.com/
  2. Go to the My Products menu.
  3. Select the desired product.
  4. Go to the Tools menu.
  5. Select Payment Settings.
  6. Go to the Price highlighted at checkout section and choose to enable or disable the featured price button.


How to set parameters to automatically fill buyer data on the checkout page?

  1. Access your account on the platform via the link https://app.hotmart.com/
  2. Click on Products.
  3. Click on Promotional links below the name of the chosen product.
  4. Go to the Checkout page widget code.

From there, you should select the Hotlink that will be inserted in the purchase button and add the parameters, such as:

  • Name: &name=buyername
  • Email: &email=buyeremail
  • Documentation number: &doc=buyerID
  • ZIP Code: &zip=buyerzipcode
  • Area Code + Phone Number: &phoneac=buyerareacode &phonenumber=buyernumber

Note: If the HotLink you are using does not include any initial parameters (as in the example checkout.hotmart.com/XXX?name=test), you should start by adding the first parameter with a '?' and not with an '&'. Any additional parameters should be introduced with an '&'.

It is essential to construct this URL dynamically, so contact your technical team to implement the generation of this dynamic URL on your sales page.


That's it! Now that you are familiar with this feature, know that your customers can enjoy even more ease to make a purchase! 

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