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Special tax rules for educational content

In some countries, when you sell your product, you are required to pay local taxes. These taxes are paid by the buyer and collected by tax authorities, according to the tax law of each location.

In certain locations, some product formats or content categories are subject to different tax rules. This is the case for products that have educational content.

On the platform, you can define whether your product has educational content in the product's settings. However, once you change this setting, you cannot change it back.



  • The definition of your product's content type is your full and sole responsibility; 
  • By indicating that your product has educational content, you certify that this information is true and agree to submit evidence of this fact if requested by Hotmart; 
  • Failure to comply with this request may lead to suspension of your account, cancellation of your registration, termination of your license to use the Platform, or other applicable measures, as specified in our Terms of Use.

Countries with special tax rules for educational content


Chile has special taxes for products with educational content that are in Online Course format in the Members Area. If your product has educational content but is not in the above format, it's not eligible for special taxation.


In Argentina, educational products are taxed differently, with the exemption of the following taxes:

  • 8% Impuesto PAIS (Impuesto para una Argentina Inclusiva y Solidaria)
  • 45% Impuesto a las Ganancias

To learn more about taxes on digital products in Chile, click here, and for Argentina, click here.

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