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How to access my certificate?

In order to access your course certificate, it’s necessary for this option to have been previously configured by the Producer. Pay close attention to if the chosen course offers a certificate.

Tip: usually, this information is available on the product's sales page, in the introductory video of the course, or in the additional information. If you have questions about if a certificate is offered, contact the Producer of the digital product.

The course does offer a certificate. What now?

  1. To acquire the certificate, it’s essential that you complete the entire course first. 

If the course is in the Hotmart Members Area, you need to mark the classes as finished. To do this, just click on the circle next to the class name. The circle will turn green, as shown in the example below:


  1. After completing all the content required by the course Producer, just click on the course name in the upper right corner. 
  1. Now, click View certificate.

You can also find this option by clicking on the trophy in the upper left corner of the screen.

All set! You will be directed to another page, where you can access your certificate and save, print, and generate a shareable link to the document.

What if the course is not in the Hotmart Members Area?

The above instructions are valid for courses hosted on Hotmart’s Members Area (Hotmart Club). 

If your product is on a member area outside of Hotmart, contact the Producer directly to verify the process for receiving the certificate.

If you’ve got any questions about how to access your product or how to get in touch with the Producer of your course, please contact our Customer Support.

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