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How do I create an offer for my subscription product?

Creating an offer is a part of the sales strategy of the digital Producer. This is because she can offer the Product in different moments at different prices and, therefore, increase your conversion by better recognizing the needs of your target audience.

By creating a subscription, when you create the first plan, it becomes the main offer of your product. This offer can’t be deleted and will always be the main one.

To create an offer for your subscription, follow the steps below:

(If you’re just now creating your subscription product, visit the article: What is a subscription product and how to create one?)

1. Access your Hotmart account through the link: https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login

2. On the left side menu, choose Products 

3. Select I'm a Producer

4. Find the product you want 

5. Select Coupons and Offers 

6. Click on Create Offer 

From there, the process for creating a subscription offer has more specificities when compared to creating an offer for a product that does not have recurrences. Notice the screen below:

The offer can be set to offer a discount percentage over the full value or program a new value for the product, besides, in the case of subscriptions, this offer can be set to apply for a predetermined period or in all recurrences while the subscription is active.

What does that mean?

It means you can offer the buyer special payment conditions in the first month or in the first three months, for example, and after this period, the charges go back to the full value. This is a great resource to improve your conversion and it gives the buyer the opportunity to get to know your product at a lower price. If she decides to keep the subscription, then she’ll start to pay the value of the main offer.

7. After saving your offer, you’ll be redirected to the screen where all offers created are featured. On this page, click the icon highlighted to have access to your offer links 

The following page will come up:

How to use the links of an offer?

The Standard Checkout link will direct the buyer on the Checkout pages with the amounts you registered in the offer.

For you to offer the Affiliate an offer HotLink, you need to turn the checkout link into an alternative page. To have access to the step-by-step of this process, access our article: What are alternative and dynamic pages and how to enable them?


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