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How do I change the email registered on my Hotmart account?

If you are a Producer/Affiliate and would like to change your registration email, we need you to send us a request containing the following data:

  • In the “Email address” field: enter the email where you’d like to receive our reply.
  • After filing in the user profile field, Producer, Buyer, Affiliate, etc., the field “What is the current email address of your Hotmart account?” will appear: Put the email that is currently registered. Even if you do not have access to that email, you need to enter it so we can find it on our platform and make the requested change.
  • Inside the message body,  please tell us you’d like to update your email, put your ID number and also the new email you’d like to use from now on.
  • In the field "Attachments": we need you to send us a photograph with your identification document with photo (National ID or Driver’s License), in which you can view your full name, date of birth, and ID number.
  • In the other fields, write or select the option of your choice.

Keep in mind that we need a photo of the front and back of your ID.

After filling in the form, click Send and wait for our reply. If everything is correct, we’ll proceed with the alteration as soon as possible! 

Why can't I change my email directly on my Hotmart account?

For security reasons and to prevent third-parties from trying to change your email, you can only change your email by sending us a request. But don’t worry, the process is really quick!

Important reminder: it’s not possible to registers two accounts with the same email address. For that reason, before requesting this alteration make sure you haven’t created another account with the same email!


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