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Discover the Subscription Management Dashboard


The Subscription Management Dashboard makes it easier for you to see the number of subscribers in default, i.e. the number of subscribers who have one or more overdue subscription payments, and who either are or aren’t in Hotpay's automatic recovery process.


For creators who offer Bank Payment Slip (BRL), OXXO (MXN) or Efecty (COP) as a payment method, our system identifies eligible recurrences and sends a past due email automatically to try to recover overdue subscriptions.


Even after the automatic recovery attempts, if there are still customers in default, it is possible to recover, with a few clicks (via the Subscription Management Dashboard) the subscribers who haven’t paid the last overdue recurrence.


How does the recovery of overdue subscriptions work through the Dashboard? 

On the Dashboard, creators will be able to try once again to recover those subscribers who haven’t paid the last overdue recurrence, after Hotmart has made all the automatic collection attempts.


On it, you can view 3 distinct fields: 

  1. Subscriptions "With the Last Recurrence Overdue": the number of overdue subscriptions that are going through the automatic recovery process together with those that have already ended the process.
  2. "Recoverable": number of subscriptions that the creator can try to recover, i.e., overdue subscriptions with their billing and automatic recovery cycle having already passed and ended.
  3. "Recovered": number of subscriptions recovered from the new billing method.


To recover customers in default via the Subscription Management Dashboard, follow the step-by-step instructions below: 

  1. Log in to your Hotmart account
  2. In the left sidebar, go to the Sales menu and then to Subscriptions 
  3. Under Subscription Management, click Recover Subscriptions
  4. Finally, click Send Bill
  5. That's it! Your customers will receive an email with a new billing method for the last overdue installment. 

Important: this feature is only available for purchases made in BRL, COP and MXN currencies. In addition, you must meet the following requirements:


General Rules 

  • It needs to be a Recurrence-type Product
  • The credit card transaction needs to have been declined
  • It applies only to the last overdue recurrence
  • The recurrence cannot have scheduled retries
  • Not having used the same kind of recovery before 
  • Not being under negotiation (due to default/anticipation)
  • The Past Due Notice arrives by email with the option to print the Bank Payment Slip


Brazil-specific rules

  • The creator needs to have enabled the Bank Payment Slip in the product checkout 
  • The purchase was made in BRL currency 
  • The subscriber needs to register their CPF No.
  • The Bank Payment Slip amount must be greater than BRL 9.99

Mexico-specific rules

  • The creator must have enabled OXXO in the product's checkout 
  • The subscriber must have registered the RFC for Mexico
  • The amounts need to respect the minimum and maximum amount for the issuance of the voucher in OXXO: MXN 100 (minimum) / MXN 10K (maximum)


Colombia-specific rules 

  • The creator needs to have enabled Efecty in the product checkout
  • The amounts must respect the minimum and maximum amount for Efecty issuance: COP 9K (minimum) / COP 3,000,000 (maximum)


Does the payment method chosen by the customer at the time of purchase affect the recovery strategy? 

It is necessary for the buyer to have made the purchase via credit card for our system to send the email with a new billing method.


The recovery does not change the default payment method, the past due email refers only to the last overdue recurrence. The remaining installments will be charged according to the payment method chosen by the customer at the time of purchase. 


My product doesn’t accept payment via Bank Payment Slip, OXXO or Efecty, what should I do? 

For the recovery via email to occur, the product must accept payment via Bank Payment Slip (BRL), OXXO (MXN) or Efecty (COP). If your product doesn’t include any of these options, go to the settings on your product's checkout page and add these payment methods.


How much will be charged? 

The recovery email will be sent to the customer with the amount agreed within the defined period, even if the customer has more than one recurrence in default. 


Check out other Dashboard features: 

In addition to facilitating the recovery of subscriptions in default, the Dashboard also optimizes the management of subscription products from start to finish. Check out other features from this environment.

    • Active: subscriptions that will receive new charges, i.e., that are currently active and/or overdue. We display the total number of active subscriptions, indicating how many of them are in trial period and not in trial period (paying customers).
    • New Subscribers: number of new subscriptions in the last 7 days. We display the total number of new subscriptions, indicating how many of them are in trial period and not in trial period (paying customers).
    • Canceled Subscriptions: Total subscriptions canceled in the last 7 days.
    • Report: Access the Subscriptions and Cancellations reports more easily.
  • Tools Menu: 
    • Renewal alerts: send emails to notify subscribers that the next recurrence will be charged soon, to avoid default;
    • Charge retry: Customize automatic billing emails for subscribers who have not confirmed payment;
    • Segmentations: Organize your subscribers into segmentations and create emails for specific groups, such as billing attempts.
    • Plan Exchange: Send invitations and manage your subscribers' plan exchanges. 
  • Important: after the 5th consecutive unpaid recurrence, their status will be moved to canceled. Subscriptions will have the status of canceled by the dministrator.


The Subscription Management Dashboard is the environment that brings together creators and their subscription products for better management.

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