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How to use the view menu at Hotmart Analytics?

Hotmart Analytics is the feature that shows you data about your business so you can make assertive and intelligent decisions. Now, it also allows you to check data from each of your products separately!

Product Views were designed for you to organize and access more specific information of each product, optimizing your results in less time.

With it, you get to check your sales, pageviews, traffic, generated bank slips (when applicable), canceled purchases, and reason for cancellation. You can also find your credit card approval rate and who your biggest Affiliates are.

All this data enables you to understand the behavior of your clients during your launches. You get to do this by analyzing the best day and time of purchase and the most effective promotion method that leads to your page.

To configure the Product View you need to:

1. Log in to your Hotmart Account by clicking here

2. On the left-hand menu, click on Analytics 

3. Hotmart Analytics page will open with all the information about your business.

4. Click the tab Product View 

5. Select the button Start New Product View 

6. Enter your set up information

On this screen, you need to enter the name of your view and select the product you wish to track.

Then, you can choose if you wish to track all offers or a specific selection and define which sales pages (including the ones that lead to your checkout) will be monitored.

Choose the Type of View you want: Evergreen Product or Launch Product, in the case of a cart with closing date.

7. Review your information and click on Finish 

8. A new page will open with the info about your business.

On this page, you can check 3 tabs: Dashboard, Traffic, and Orders.

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