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How to access community Analytics at Hotmart Club

Analytics for Communities is a dashboard access tool to monitor the main indicators of your communities simply and intuitively. 

With this data in hand, you will have greater visibility of your business, be able to make more accurate decisions, and boost the success of your communities.

To access Analytics, follow the steps below:

  1. Access and log in to Hotmart using the link: https://app.hotmart.com/
  2. Click on My Products, on the left side menu
  3. Then, click Hotmart Club
  4. Within your members’ area, on the left side menu, click on Analytics
  5. That’s it! Now you can see your communities' data!

Within Hotmart Club, you can consult the following data:

  • Total members
  • New members
  • Views
  • Evolution of members in the community
  • Engagement and engagement evolutions
  • Most popular days
  • Most popular time
  • Publication history
  • Member ranking
  • Moderation
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