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How to get more HotPasses?

If you’re a Hotmart Academy Student and you want to know more about what a HotPass is and how to get more of this resource, you’re in the right place! HotPasses are the resource that allows the user to unlock new modules and classes to keep on moving forward in the Hotmart Academy course.

Each time you watch a new video, share your results on social media or make some of the actions on Hotmart, you get more HotPasses to continue your studies. Check out below the actions you can take to earn them:

Watch new lessons

Watch an unlocked lesson and, in the end, tick the field “class finished” and immediately get HotPasses. The amount won varies according to each class.

Share Hotmart Academy on your social media

You can share your progress on Hotmart Academy. Just click “View complete progress” on the top left corner of the menu. There, you’ll find the link to share with your friends that you are evolving in the digital market and invite them to join the Hotmart Academy community.

Complete your registration at Hotmart

When you complete your registration on the Hotmart platform, we can offer you assertive information. Access Hotmart and click My Account, entering all your personal and financial information.

Create a product at Hotmart Club

When you create a product it’s a sign you’re evolving. So, from the moment you become a Producer, you also get HotPasses.

Have Affiliations approved

When a Producer approves your affiliation is a sign you’re doing a good job and you deserve HotPasses for it.

Make Sales

Every new sale represents more HotPasses for you to keep on evolving your business with more knowledge.

Product Approved

Every time you register a new product and it is approved by our review team, your HotPasses will increase.

Obs: remember that for the actions made on the Hotmart Platform to be in accordance with your progress on Hotmart Academy and, therefore, with the amount of HotPasses you earned, you need to have registered the same email on the Hotmart Platform and on Hotmart Academy so that the system can identify your progress.

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