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How to register my bank account for withdrawals in Brazilian Reais?

To register your Brazilian bank information and receive your balance in reais, you must have made your first sale on our platform and have all your registration data regularized and approved. Once the sale occurs, the bank information registration form will be available for completion. 

Please note that the instruction below is intended for users who reside in Brazil and make sales in reais. If you live in Brazil and your sales are made in other currencies, check out the article How do I register my Payoneer account?

If you reside in a country other than Brazil, follow the steps in the article How do I register my bank account for withdrawals outside Brazil? 


Follow the steps below to complete your bank account registration: 

  1. Access your Hotmart account. 
  2. In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the rounded image of your profile and select My Account. 
  3. Under My Account, click on Financial Information, and then click on New Account 
  4. On the next screen, you must enter the current password of your Hotmart account, and the verification code (security key) sent to your email. 
  5. In the registration form, the Nature of the bank account and Name of the Recipientfields are defined by the registration data of your Hotmart account and must be the same data related to the bank account that will be registered. In case of discrepancies, your account may be denied. If you need to make document changes, check out how to do it in the article How do I send the request for change of CNPJ or CPF?
  6. Complete the form with the bank account details (if your account does not have a digit, just leave the field blank).  
  7. In Attachment, upload  proof of your bank account, such as a bank statement containing the branch number, CPF or CNPJ. 
  8. Click on Send account for approval. Once submitted, our team will verify your account within 5 business days. 


  • Your bank account needs to be registered in the same country you live in. It is not possible to register bank accounts with nationalities other than the country registered on the platform.  
  • It is only possible to change the CPF or CNPJ after withdrawing all amounts available in the account.  

To register a bank account for withdrawals in currencies other than BRL see the articles: How do I register my account in Payoneer? and How do I register my bank account for withdrawals outside Brazil?

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