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How can I set up my own domain to my members area?

The standard address of your Members Area is a subdomain at Hotmart, such as “memberara.club.hotmart.com”. However, you can change this address to a domain/subdomain of your own website, such as “membersarea.mycompany.com or membersarea.com”. At Hotmart, this resource is called host mapping.

For example, let’s say your company’s name is Top Courses and your website main URL is topcourses.com After logging in to Hotmart Club, the initial address of your Members Area at Hotmart can be something like topcourses.club.hotmart.com . You can change your Members Area address into your company’s domain and/or subdomain, such as “membersarea.topcourses.com”.

If you still don’t have a domain learn how to get one here.

How to change your domain and/or subdomain into an alias of your members area at Hotmart:

1. Get on the dashboard of your domain register. Use the username and login that you created when registering the name of the domain;

2. Look for the option to change the DNS registers. The option can have a name such as DNS Management, Management of server name or Advanced Settings;

3. Locate the CNAME registers of your domain.

A CNAME register, or Canonic name Register, is a kind of alias* used by the Domain Name System (DNS). Besides other applications, a CNAME Register can be used to become a subdomain and/or domain of an alias on an external website.

4. You can do one of the following:

- If you still don’t have a CNAME register for your domain, look for the option of adding a new register (“www” can’t be the CNAME).

- If you already have a CNAME register for your domain, look for an editing option of the register.

5. Direct the CNAME register of your domain to Hotmart Club’s domain - club.hotmart.com

The user interface and terminology can vary depending on your register but the concepts are the same.

Note: it takes a while until all the changes in the DNS system are implemented. Normally, it can take some hours up to a day, depending on your TTL (Time To Live) settings on the register dashboard. In the example above, the TTL is 14,400 seconds, or 4 hours.

*Alias: website addresses that can be associated with a primary address (URL). In addition, they make it possible to load all the information contained in the main domain – when the website is accessed.

Subdomain mapping to Hotmart Club:

After turning your subdomain into an alias of your Members Area at Hotmart, map the subdomain to Hotmart Club by following the steps below:

1. Login to your Members Area 

2. Click on Settings, located on the left side menu 

3. Scroll down until the Host Mapping section and enter your domain. 

4. Click on Test Domain. 

If your configuration is correct, a message letting you know you were successful will pop up and you can save the settings on the bottom of the page. If it is not correct, a message will pop up and you’ll need to repeat the configuration.

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