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How to add eBooks to Hotmart Club, Hotmart members’ area

Hotmart Club, Hotmart's exclusive members’ area, is capable of hosting distinct types of products on its platform. One of them is the eBook format.

Through the platform, your audience can view the cover of your product, and buy and consume it. All in one place. And you can even insert banners exclusive to the material, to make it even more eye-catching and engaging.

To insert an eBook and configure it on Hotmart Club, follow the steps below:

  1. Access and log in to Hotmart
  2. Click on Products on the left side menu
  3. Then click Hotmart Club
  4. Within your members’ area, click on the Products tab on the left side
  5. Select the desired product
  6. Go to Add Product and choose the product(s) that will be part of your members’ area, if they have not already been added.
  7. Go to the Products tab and click on the added product. Within this product, go to the Personalization tab. There, you can enter:
  8. The image that will appear on the storefront by selecting a banner for the product image.
  9. The product cover. This image will be seen on the storefront, and the content page of anyone purchasing the product.

You can also add descriptions of product images for accessibility criteria.

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