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How to create an Exit Popup on your Checkout Page

Imagine this: your potential customer has made it to your checkout page, but is about to leave without completing the purchase... That happens every day, but with Exit Popups, you can deliver a personalized message or attractive offer that allows your potential buyer to rethink their decision to abandon their cart.

This feature, available on the Hotmart Checkout Page, is your chance to convince them not to close the page, either with an image, video or discount, and of course, a powerful CTA. 

Check out how to set up your Exit Popup: 

  1. Login to your Hotmart account through the link: app.hotmart.com
  2. In the top-right menu, choose Tools;
  3. Click Checkout Builder;
  4. On the next page, select your desired product;
  5. Choose the checkout page theme you want to use. You can choose to create a new one or use any of Hotmart's templates;
  6. Click Use this template;
  7. Under Features, select Exit Popup;
  8. Then select the template and the action;
  9. Fill in the desired fields and click Add;
  10. Click Save New Page, and choose between Save as Draft or Publish the Page.

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