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How to set up your Webinar Pixel


The Pixel for WebinarJam or EverWebinar allows you to know who participated in your webinar and who made a purchase on Hotmart. With this, you get more assertive data related to your broadcast, be it a live webinar or a perpetual (looping) broadcast.

WebinarJam Configuration

To locate the Offer Code, follow the steps below:

  1. On the WebinarJam home page, click on My Webinars on the side menu
  2. On the webinar you want to track, select the advanced options
  3. Under the tab Goal Tracking, in the offer you want to track, the offer code will be after the /sale/

With that done, let's go to the settings:

  1. In creating or editing the Webinar, click on Full Configuration
  2. Under the tab Live, under Product Offers, click on Edit
  3. Click on Add New Offer
  4. When adding a new offer, in Button Link the Promotional Link (HotLink) of the product in question must be entered
  5. It’s necessary to confirm the changes so that the new offer is saved

EverWebinar configuration

If you want to place this webinar on looping, you must change platforms within the site and select the EverWebinar option. 

When configuring your EverWebinar, you can choose to use an external video or use a session created in WebinarJam. If you choose to use an external video, you will need to set up a new offer and monetize it (as shown above).

  1. If you want to use an already existing webinar, you must click on "New Webinar" and select the option "Source of your evergreen webinar". Then, select the session and date of the desired event and confirm the creation of your EverWebinar:
  2. In the next step, click on "My Webinars" and access the manage button: 
  3. On the new page, find your OFFER CODE for the evergreen webinar and save it to set up on the Hotmart platform. 

Attention: If you choose to use a live webinar from WebinarJam and want to turn it into an EverWebinar, a new OFFER CODE will be issued. 

Configuration on the Hotmart platform

  1. To integrate your webinar with Hotmart, access your account on the platform
  2. In the left menu, select Tools 
  3. Find the Tracking Pixel option 
  4. Select the product to which you want to integrate the WebinarJam pixel or EverWebinar and click Continue 
  5. From the available services, select WebinarJam. 
  6. Insert the OFFER CODE created with WebinarJam
  7. Click Save 

To access detailed reports and graphs about your business, we recommend that you insert the Hotmart Tracking Code on your website. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support. We’re here to help!

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