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What is a chargeback? What should I do about it?

Chargebacks happen when a credit card user contacts the credit card operator directly to request a completed payment be blocked.  This may happen for various reasons:

  • fraud situations - someone used the card without obtaining permission from the cardholder;
  • purchase not recognized on the card invoice (including situations where the buyer has forgotten about a purchase he made);
  • dissatisfaction or even dishonesty from the buyer.

Whenever a chargeback takes place, payment is blocked in the card operator and, consequently, in the other payment mechanisms involved in the purchase, e.g. Hotmart, BCash, PayPal etc. For this reason, when a chargeback takes place, commissions generated by the purchase are blocked and your balance is updated.

As established in the Terms of Use,  Hotmart does not offer any protection against chargebacks or payment blocking by the user. The balance available in a user's account may suffer deductions due to refunded, blocked or charged back transactions at any time.

If you have any problems with this procedure, please send a request to our support team. Use the subject CHARGEBACK.

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