What can stop me from receiving commission after a sale?

Producers and Affiliates receive a confirmation email whenever a sale is made. The sale, once completed, will also appear on the sales report. If you did not receive this email, there might have been a problem in the purchasing process, and the product could not be bought through your Affiliate hotlink. This sometimes happens when:

  1. The browser used by the customer does not allow cookies;
  2. Hotmart detected an Affiliate ordering their own product; that is, the buyer used personal details (ID, address, phone, etc.) belonging to the Affiliate, and Hotmart's anti-fraud system canceled the commission;
  3. The user went directly to the checkout page without passing through the product sales page (you sent them a link for the checkout page instead of your hotlink);
  4. The customer removed all cookies or temporary data in his browser before completing the order;
  5. The customer clicked on another Affiliate link before making the purchase.
  6. The order was placed on the same computer used by the Producer. (The anti-fraud system includes IP recognition.)

If you have any problems with this procedure, please send a request to our Customer Support team. Use the subject COMMISSION NOT RECEIVED.


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