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How to identify and track canceled subscribers?

You can check the most relevant data on your cancellations to help manage the health of your business. You should frequently evaluate the cancellation rates of your products and aim to keep them at low levels.

Here, the lower the cancellation rate, the better for your business. The survey of the main reasons for cancellation will generate insights improvements to your processes and/or products and facilitate the prioritization of adjustments that will generate more value for your customers. Do your best to monitor this data frequently and consistently to execute your recovery strategies and obtain better results for your products.

There are a few ways to identify and track canceled subscribers. They are:

Accessing cancellation screen

  1. Access Hotmart;
  2. At the left menu, click Sales;
  3. Then click Subscriptions and Cancellations;
  4. Use the “Filters” available to select time, offer, plans, and products and click on the “Apply filters” button;
  5. See all cancellation details and export spreadsheets in different formats to analyze.

Accessing the sales dashboard and filtering the data you want to analyze

  1. Access Hotmart;
  2. On the left side menu, click Sales and Subscriptions;
  3. In Reports, select Subscriptions;
  4. Click on Filters;
  5. On the right side of the screen, use the filters to choose which data you want to analyze. Go to Subscription Status and choose “Canceled by Administrator”, “Canceled by Customer,” and “Canceled by Seller”.

Accessing Tools and enabling reporting

  1. Access Hotmart;
  2. On the top right menu, Browse and click Tools;
  3. Then, click on Sending Reports;
  4. Now, enable and configure the sending of “Subscription Reports,” and choose how often and in what format you want to receive the report.
  5. There you go!

Accessing the Subscription Status report

  1. Access Hotmart;
  2. On the left side, click Sales and Reports;
  3. Then click Subscription Status;
  4. Review number and status report: “Canceled”. It shows the current month.
  5. There you go!
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