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How do I create a subscription renewal email alert?

Those who have a subscription product with Hotmart can count on tools that can automate day-to-day processes, in addition to making their strategies smarter.  

One solution is to create a payment reminder via email, which is automatically sent to the subscriber days before the subscription renewal charge. The sending interval is 1 to 60 days before the next charge.

See step-by-step instructions to create a renewal alert:

1. Access your account on the platform through the link: https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login  

2. In the left side menu, choose Subscriptions.

3. Then, click on Tools. 

4. Signature Tools will open. In it, you will find 3 tabs: Segmentations, Renewal Alerts and Charge Retries. Select Renewal Alerts.

5. Click Create new alert at the bottom.

6. Then, a screen will appear in which it is possible to configure the audience that will receive the message, You can choose All your subscribers or Only the subscribers from one segment. Find out how to create a subscription product segmentation

7. Write a name and description that only you will see. This way you can easily identify and differentiate the alerts already created. 

8. Now, determine how many days before the subscription renewal your customers should receive the alert. The minimum is 1 and the maximum is 60 days. 

Tip: we recommend that you do not configure an alert more than 15 days in advance of the charge, since the purpose of the tool is to remind subscribers that the payment is approaching. 

9. Now, you can check the text of the email that subscribers will receive. Attention: this is a standard email from Hotmart and cannot be edited.

10. To finish, just click Save email alert on the bottom right corner of the screen.



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