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What is Order Bump and how do I set it up?

Order Bump allows you to offer an additional product at checkout. In other words, you can offer something extra right when your customer is about to make their main purchase. 

Take a look at an example:

Imagine you’re selling a course which teaches how to make cakes in jars. When your customer arrives at the payment page, you can offer them an ebook with 50 unique recipes for cakes in jars. That way, your buyer increases their knowledge and you’ll increase your sales. It’s that simple! 

Interested in making more sales? If so, check out how to set Order Bump and do more business!

  1. Access your Hotmart account through this link: https://app.hotmart.com/login 
  2. On the sidebar, choose Tools > Show all.
  3. Click on Checkout Builder.
  4. A new screen will open. Pick the product that you’d like to offer as the secondary product at checkout and click Continue. 
  5. If you are already using Checkout Builder, just enable on the page that you want to add a second product. If you’re not using Checkout Builder yet, see here how to set it up.
  6. With your Checkout Builder page ready, click on Edit.
  7. On the left side, select the option Order Bump.
  8. Click on Select Product and choose the secondary product you’d like to offer. 
  9. Click on Insert and choose the exact area you want your offer to appear.  
  10. Then, click on Save new Checkout or Save Changes (if you’re Checkout is  already activated). 

Order Bump eng.gif



  • Order Bump transactions are processed separately from the main order. 
  • If you choose to include a product with Order Bump and pay in installments, the number of installments doesn't need to be the same as the product in the main order. 

All set! Your secondary product is already active for your customers to see. 

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