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How to set up the certificate at Hotmart Club?

Many people who take an online course request a certificate of completion.

That's why Hotmart created a model that will help you automate the process: students will be able to generate their own certificate whenever they want, and you will not have to send them to each person individually! It is important to know that there is an ideal resolution for the background image of a certificate (we will discuss this later in this article).

  1. Log in to Hotmart
  2. Click on Products on the left side menu
  3. Then click Hotmart Club
  4. Click on Products, also on the left side menu
  5. Click on the desired product
  6. Access the Certificate tab
  7. Enable certificate issuance
  8. Fill in all the information and click Save

You can configure the following details to automatically appear on your course certificate: student's name, course name, student's completion date, organizer, class, and QR Code. To change these, simply click on Tags.

The QR Code serves as a method of certificate authentication and can be scanned by anyone interested in verifying its authenticity. When using the QR Code, the user may be directed to one of two possible screens: if the course is not linked to a Club, the user will be redirected to a responsive screen designed by Hotmart itself; and if the course is linked to a Hotmart Club, then the user will be taken to the course creator's page.

You can also insert a personalized background image with the look of your course on the Background Image button.

For your buyers to be able to generate the certificate, they must have completed 100% of the course, marking each module as completed.

After all the modules are complete, they must click on their name in the members area and click on the Certificate option to generate the document.


Image resolution for certificate background

You can click in this link to access detailed technical information. There are 2 basic requirements for an image to be printed with quality: pixel resolution and DPIs suitable for the paper size. Check out the 3 steps to obtain the ideal resolution for an A4 sheet (standard for certificate printing) in the image below:
1. First, choose the paper size. The dimensions of the paper in millimeters are important to make the calculation
2. The second step is to choose the DPI. DPI stands for dots per inch. The higher the number of DPIs an image has, the better the image quality. For printing, the standard is to use 300 DPIs, but the Producer can create an image of 600 DPIs, for example, so that it is clearer on the paper
3. After defining these 2 parameters, just click on the "calculate" button and wait for the response. In the place indicated by the arrow there is information about the ideal resolution for that image


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