How to insert Hotmart’s Tracking Code on your website

With Hotmart’s Tracking Code, the Producer can capture information about the behavior of the buyer and access the reports from Hotmart Analytics, learning which are the more effective ways to make a purchase.

At the moment, Hotmart Analytics is in its final stage, but you can capture this information by installing the Tracking Code and following the steps below:

Where can I find Hotmart’s Tracking Code?

1. Login to your Hotmart account through the link:

2. After you access your account, click on Analytics 

3. Hotmart Analytics’ page will open and will find your Tracking Code. 

The Tracking Code (similar to the script below) needs to be copied before the closing of the tag </head> in all the pages you want to track. 

How to insert Hotmart’s tracking code on my website hosted on WordPress?

There are a few ways of inserting codes on WordPress and if you know how to edit WordPress or have a development professional working on your project, you should paste the code you copied before the closing of the tag </head> in all the pages you want to track.

If you’re not familiar with coding, to enter your Hotmart Tracking Code on your WordPress website, just follow the steps below:

1. On your WordPress’s Dashboard, access Plugins  and click Add New 

2. On the search field, look for the plugin: Head, Footer and Post Injections (see picture below).

3. Click Install Now and then, on the same page, click Activate. 

4. Update your Page.

5. Go to the side menu and click Options and then select Header and Footer.

6. On the first option, on the box <HEAD> SECTION INJECTION, delete the text that’s already written and copy the tracking code on Hotmart’s page.

7. Click on SAVE.

How to insert Hotmart’s tracking code on my website hosted on Click Funnels?

1.  Go to Page Editor -> Settings -> Tracking Codes -> Header.

2.  Below Main Funnels Settings, click Head Tracking Code 

3. Insert your Hotmart’s Tracking Code

How to insert the Tracking Code on other Platforms

If you don’t use any of the platforms listed above to create your website, blog, or sales page, there’s no problem: Hotmart’s tracking code works on most features.

To insert the code, we recommend you talk to the technical support of the platform you’re using and ask them how you can insert Header Scripts on your website or ask a developer for help.

If you still have any questions about this topic, get in touch with our Support under the subject ANALYTICS. We’re at your disposal!

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