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How can I enable automatic subtitles with my videos?

Imagine that you teach English literature, but want to sell your classes in France. Club Caption allows you to create subtitles in English and can even automatically translate them into French, or any other language you wish. There’s a wide variety of languages to choose from on the platform!  

To do this, you just need to use the Video Player in your Members Area (Hotmart Club). Once you are using the Members Area Player, check out how to enable Club Caption:  

1. Access your Hotmart account via this link: https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login

2. In the sidebar, select Products

3. Click I’m a Producer and then the course you want to enable Club Caption 

4. Click on Access Hotmart Club in the upper right 

5. If you’d like to add the content to a new module, click Add Module

6. If you’d like to create content in a module that already exists, click on Content on the right

7. Put in the name of the page and choose the media

If you want, you can insert content in the Text and Extras sections. 

You can even set up the way that your content will be delivered under the Settings. 

8. Under the Subtitle Settings, select the original language of the video.   

9. Click on Subtitle Upload and select the language you’d like to have the subtitles in.

10. With the subtitles created and ready, choose if you want to enable or not. 

11. Click on Translate 

12. Select if you want to enable the subtitles or not in Player, review the content in the subtitle editor, choose other languages to translate to or exclude the subtitles. 

We always recommend that you review the subtitles to make sure that everything looks ok. To do this, click Review. In the Subtitle Editor field, you can select the section you’d like to adjust in the video timeline and edit manually.   

It’s also possible to add new subtitles by selecting the section you’d like and clicking on Add new subtitles. 

If you’d prefer uploading subtitles, click on Upload Subtitles after step 8 in this article. You can upload subtitles from your computer after the video has been uploaded. 

If you have any questions, you can open a request with our Customer Support under the subject of SUBTITLES.

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