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What is Hotmart AI and how to use it

Get inspired by Hotmart AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool recommendations to create an even better course experience for your students and smart sales strategies for your digital business.

What is it?

If you want to create a new digital product or you’re unsure how to build a better marketing strategy for your business, Hotmart AI is the right tool for you. The solution uses artificial intelligence to recommend sales strategies and course outlines for your online business. It’s free, and you can access it as many times as you need.

How to use it

To use Hotmart AI, you need to indicate your area of interest, such as Health, Education, Finance, or Pets, or what you would like to create, such as Piano or English Lessons.

The tool, powered by artificial intelligence, analyzes the information submitted and proposes recommendations for modules and lessons for an online course, focusing on optimizing the student's learning process. The platform considers the best steps for each creator, depending on their niche.

Hotmart AI also recommends sales strategies for the business, with suggestions for marketing channels and buyer personas, as well as pricing benchmarks for the product.

Simply enter the type of product you're looking to create in the search box, as shown in the example below:



Use the recommendations generated by the tool as a reference. Don't forget to make the necessary adjustments to reflect your authority and customize the suggestions for your business and product's target audience.

Important: When creating a product, with or without Hotmart AI recommendations, you must always follow Hotmart's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Who can use the tool?

Hotmart AI is available for free to anyone, whether they have a Hotmart account or not.

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