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What is the Temperature of a product?

Temperature is a concept used by Hotmart. It shows, symbolically,  how a product is being accepted in the market. The Hotter a product is, the more views, sales, and commissions it has generated. The Temperature can go up or down in a short period of time, which means that a hot product today may not be so hot tomorrow. The Temperature is also influenced by several other factors, such as complaints made by buyers, the blueprint and others.

It’s quite difficult to make a product’s temperature go up, therefore, if you find a product that is very hot, you can be sure that affiliates are getting on with it!

Likewise, if a product has a lower temperature, it doesn’t mean they are not selling well or don’t have potential. It may simply mean it’s warm at the moment.

It’s worth stressing that high temperatures may indicate that there’s strong competition to sell that product, since usually, hot products attract more Affiliates. So stay tuned in this grading system and try to diversify the products that you affiliate to, go for different levels of temperature.

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