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What is Purchases Recovery and how to make one?


Purchases Recovery (or Cart Recovery) is Hotmart’s tool through which the information registered by the lead is registered on the platform. This register composes the report that is sent directly to the Producer.

This way, if a lead has started the purchase process and gave up before completing it, the Producer can identify this lead and perform directed worked, by identifying the problem and making the question of her future client to be replaced by the certainty of the purchase.

To get the Cart Recovery Reports you should:

1. Login to your Hotmart account through the link: https://www.hotmart.com/login

2. On the left side menu, select the option Reports 

3. Click on Purchases Recovery 

4. Choose the product you wish to consult. If you want, you can alter the product without the need to get back to the page, through Filters 

5. Choose the Time period 

6. Click Apply Filters 

With the information on the report, you can extract precious information that will help you structure a remarketing strategy to try to convert the abandoned purchases!

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If you have questions or need more specific information on how to explore this report, get in touch with our Support under the subject CART RECOVERY.


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