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What do I do when the refund deadline expires?

Products registered on our platform can have a 7, 15 or 30-day guarantee. This guarantee period varies according to the Producer’s choice, therefore, the Seller is the person responsible for setting up the guarantee period for the product.

How do I make sure of the return deadline of my purchase?

The guarantee period for your purchase is on the Terms of Purchase on the checkout page of your product.

To check the guarantee period of a product you’ve purchased, you can:

  • Get in touch with the Producer/Seller through their Customer Support, indicated on your purchase confirmation email
  • Perform the cancellation and refund procedure through the cancellation request on our platform. If you make the request within the guarantee period, it will be processed and access to the product will be blocked.

How to track your refund

If you’ve already requested a refund, you can follow the status of your request via this link. Just insert the transaction code and the email you registered to receive the purchase.



And what do I do if the deadline has expired?

Since the Producer is responsible for choosing the guarantee deadline, they have the option to refund the customer after the guarantee has expired. Please keep in mind that this refund is not always possible once the deadline is expired, because there are other agents involved in the sale such as Affiliates, coproducers, and even the credit card operator.

Refunds that don’t meet the guarantee deadline are not Hotmart’s responsibility. If the Producer/Seller approves an out-of-guarantee refund, they will refund the amount of your purchase in a way that is not connected to Hotmart.

I’ve requested the refund within the guarantee deadline directly to the Producer but they didn’t make the procedure on the platform. What should I do?

If this has happened to you, send an email to our customer support attaching the images of your request. The print screens of your messages should have the sender, the recipient, date, and time the message was sent besides the content of the message. By doing so, one of our agents will be able to help you!

If the customer requests a refund for a product within the guarantee deadline, they will receive back the amount of the product in full.

If you have any questions related to this information, you can open a request with our Support under the topic REFUND OUT OF GUARANTEE PERIOD. Our team will be ready to help you.

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