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How to withdraw commissions of sales made to Brazilians?

To withdraw commissions of sales made to Brazilians, producers from other countries, or who live and have businesses in other countries, can withdraw their commissions directly to their bank accounts through a system called Cross-border.

What is Cross-border?

 This solution was developed by Hotmart and is based on the integration of HotPay, our payment system, with a provider that specializes in this kind of payment.

With the cross-border, the non-Brazilian Producer, or a Brazilian who resides in a different country and pays taxes in their country of residence, not having a bank account in Brazil, is able to:

1. Register an offer in Brazilian Real (BRL) or other foreign currency;

2. Always receive a commission in American Dollars (USD);

3. Co-Producers and Affiliates will receive their commissions in the Producer’s currency.

 Brazilian buyers are able to:

1. View the price of the product in BRL on the checkout page;

2. Pay with a National Credit Card, and in installments.

Who can participate?

1. Non-Brazilian Producers.

2. Brazilian Producers who no longer live in Brazil and pay taxes in their country of residence.

Warning: the cross-border is not valid for foreign Affiliates who wish to promote a product registered in Brazil.

How to withdraw commissions of sales processed through the cross-border system?

1. You can withdraw commissions through Payoneer or International HotPay.

2. Learn how to withdraw commissions here.

What are the conditions for the cross-border sales system to be used?

1. If the Producer wants to make installment payments available to the customer, the customized installment system must be set up (installments with interest paid for by the Producer). If the offer has simple interest (paid for by the buyer) registered on the platform, the cross-border will be enabled, but the installment option will not be shown to the buyer.

2. On the checkout page, the following fields must be filled: Name, Email Address, Taxpayer’s number, Complete Address, Telephone number.

3. There is a limit of up to 3,000 USD per month for each buyer’s taxpayer’s number.

If there are any questions about this topic, just contact our Support team under the subject line “Cross-border”. Our staff will be ready to help you!

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