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How to set up Google Analytics Pixel

Want to understand the behavior of your buyers? Then you should set up the Google Analytics tracking pixel with Hotmart.

Hotmart Pixel allows you to obtain data regarding the buyer's journey on your pages, including internal pages, checkout, and thank-you page.

By setting up this tracking pixel, Google Analytics will be integrated with Hotmart and generate data concerning your customer’s navigation on your Hotmart pages. It’s important to know that our platform also allows integration with the new version of Google Analytics.

How can you set up this integration? Following the steps below:

  1. Access your Hotmart account via the link: https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login
  2. Click on Tools in the left side menu
  3. Click on Tracking Pixel
  4. Select the product you want to configure the pixel with and click Continue
  5. On the next page, click Google Analytics or the latest version (Google Analytics 4)
  6. In the window that opens, put your pixel ID from Analytics.


There you go! From now on, Google Analytics will provide you precious information that can boost your digital product!

What information is sent to Google Analytics?

When the checkout page screen opens, we send a “begin_checkout” event and when the purchase is completed, we send the “purchase” event. The purchase event contains purchase details such as product ID, commission amount, and transaction currency. To learn more about the possible customizations in these fields, read this article.

In addition, for Hotmart Product Page viewing events, we send a "page_view" event.

Learn more:

Currently, Google Chrome extensions provided by Google and Facebook make it possible to verify the proper functioning of your pixels. Cool, right?

These extensions are:

Tag Assistant (Google)

This is a resource to resolve issues related to the installation of various Google tags, including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Adwords Conversion Tracking, among others.

When using Tag Assistant, you can browse any page and find out which tags are present in each of them, report errors, and suggest improvements.

You can also use Google Tag Assistant Recording to record a user's flow through your website and instantly validate, diagnose, and resolve issues with the implementation of Google Analytics.

Facebook Pixel Helper

Facebook Pixel Helper is a tool that allows you to validate the implementation of your pixel. It works by looking for conversions or Facebook pixels and ensuring real-time feedback on implementation.

A small number will appear on the Facebook Pixel Helper icon to indicate a number of pixel events. When clicked on, a dashboard will pop up to show a detailed overview of page pixels, including warnings, errors, and successes.

If you have any questions about this feature or want to know more about the importance of gathering metrics from your campaigns, just contact our Customer Support team!

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