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How to set up a ticket bundle

A ticket bundle makes it possible for you to offer a certain number of tickets to a group of people (either at the same price or with a discount).

Example: Let’s suppose that your event’s ticket costs USD 50.00. However, if the buyer purchases at least 5 units, each ticket will cost USD 40.00. Great opportunity, right?

On our platform, you can personalize your ticket bundle configuration (minimum and the maximum number of tickets, prices, etc.).

Below, you can check out the configuration steps:

1. Access your Hotmart account at https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login
2. On the side menu, select Products
3. Click on I’m a Producer
4. On the left side menu, click on  and then Edit
5. Click Batches, located on the left side
6. Click on Register Batch to create the ticket bundle
7. Fill out the Bundle Name, the Event’s end date and the minimum and the maximum number of tickets per purchase (here you’ll define the number of tickets allowed per bundle).
8. Click Save
9. On the left side menu, click Offers, and then Create Offer
10. Fill out the description in the checkout, the currency, type of payment, price (referring to each unit), type of offer (select default), select the bundle (recently created) and click Save.

And you’re done. Your ticket bundle has been created!

The checkout will show the price for the minimum amount of tickets stipulated before. If the Buyer wishes the purchase more tickets, they just have to click on +.


Do you have any questions relative to the configuration of a ticket bundle? Feel free to open a request in our Support Service with the subject, TICKET. Our team will be ready to assist you.

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