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How to pay with your Hotmart account balance

Now, Producers can put yet another option for payment on their checkout: Hotmart Account. 

Imagine that a customer who is also a Producer or Affiliate with money in their Hotmart account. They can now use this balance to buy what other Producers make available. 

How Producers can enable this new feature

  1. Access your account on the platform with this link: https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login
  2. On the left-hand side menu, select Products 
  3. Click on I’m a Producer 
  4. Choose the product you’d like to include this form of payment with and click on the icon with three vertical dots and then Edit 
  5. On the product’s internal menu on the left, click on Tools 
  6. Among the options, pick Checkout Settings
  7. Under the Payment Options, enable Hotmart Account 

Important things to point out

  • This option is only available for purchases made in Reais (BRL).
  • It’s only allowed to use up to 5000.00 (BRL) per day for payments using your Hotmart account.
  • If the purchase is more than 5000.00 (BRL) or if there isn’t sufficient funds in your Hotmart account, it’s possible to pay the remaining amount using a (one) credit card.   


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