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How to get a domain and subdomain name?

When you use Hotmart Club’s Members Area, you can personalized the link your buyer will access when she makes the purchase!

Understand more reading our article How can I set up my own domain to my members area?

Before you start working with domain and subdomain names, check your system administrator, if you have one.

To buy and register a domain, you should:

  1. Access a domain register website. You can buy and register a domain name from any Domain Register, including GoDaddy, Yahoo! Domains, 1&1, Netregistry or Register.com

For more information, read How to Register Your Own Domain Name by Christopher Heng here.

  1. Choose the name and register your domain.

For example, if your company’s name is Top Courses, you can register a domain named “topcourses.com”.

  1. After you register the domain name, use the register tools to add a subdomain.

Since each Domain Register has its own path to register the domain and subdomain, we recommend you check the help center on the site.

For example, you can call the subdomain “membersarea”, and the end result will be: membersarea.topcourses.com.

After you do this, you can use your own domain on your members area! If you have any questions or problems regarding this matter, you can open a request with our Support under the subject SET UP DOMAIN HOTMART CLUB. Our team is at your disposal.

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