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How to enable a ticket upgrade for my client?

Buyers can make an upgrade for a ticket, that is, change the ticket purchased for one that they find is better, without having to request a refund of the first order, nor place another one.

The migration to another ticket batch implicates in a payment of the difference set up by the Producer as an offer.

How to create a ticket upgrade batch for my customers?

The upgrade will be carried out through the creation of an offer with the difference in price. To set it up, just follow the steps below:

If you still haven’t registered your event on the platform, first read the article How to register an event on the platform.

For these cases, you must create an offer with the difference in price that you wish your buyer to pay.

1. Access your Hotmart account at https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login

2. From the side menu, select Products

3. Click on I'm a Producer

4. Find the product and click on 

5. Select Offers

6. Click on Create Offer 

7. Fill in the offer information (the price of the offer needs to be equal to the difference between the first ticket the user has already purchased and the ticket who has more advantages.)

8. In Type of offer, select Upgrade offer 


9. Select the origin batch and the destination batch to which the buyer wishes to be transferred:


Check out an example:


Important: It’s essential that both batches have already been created when setting up an upgrade offer, so that the Origin batch (the basic one) and the destination batch (the one with more advantages) system works.

If you have any questions or issues about this matter, we suggest you contact our Support team directly, with the subject line TICKET UPGRADE.




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