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How to add an ad widget to a Club lesson?

When the Producer uses Hotmart’s members area, Hotmart Club, besides being able to insert ad pages in between the lessons of her online course and promote another product on the platform (that she created or also products that she is affiliated to), she can also insert ad widgets below the media content of her lesson!

The widget will take the student to an Ad page created and select by you. Meaning that, after you create an Ad page, you can already inset an ad widget on any of your lessons.

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To add a widget to a lesson on Club, just follow the steps below:


1. Go to your Hotmart account at https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login

2. In the left menu, click Products and then on “I’m a creator and select the desired product.

3. Next, click Members’ Area in the product’s internal menu on the left. Afterwards, choose the Go to my Hotmart Members’ Area or Access Hotmart Club buttons.

4. Find the lesson you wish to insert the widget and click Edit.

Remember that the Ad page should already be created because the buyer will be redirected there when she clicks the widget.

5. On the page editor, scroll the bar until the field Content. Identify the option Add Ad Widget. 

6. Select the ad page you wish to link to the widget.

The widget will be added on the content field of your lesson, on the same field where you can write the text, insert links and images you want to publish below the video of the lesson. On this field, you can place the widget wherever you find fit!

7. Then, scroll the bar until the end of the page and click Save. 


To view how the lesson will be featured for your students, with all the content, just click view, on the top right corner of the page editor.


You can create more than one Ad page and place it between the classes you prefer on a module. When creating the Widget, just choose to which of them you want the buyer to be directed to, considering the content of the lesson and being careful to contextualize the content of the course to the products that are being offered on the members area! :)

If you have any questions about this topic, or have troubles adding the widget, get in touch with our Support! We’ll be happy to talk to you over there.


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