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How to access my Hotmart Extensions Webinar

The Hotmart Extensions Webinar is the ideal tool for anyone who wants to create livestreams as a strategy to capture potential buyers and make live sales. The webinar can also be called livestream, live class and live broadcast.

  1. Log in to the platform: https://app-vlc.hotmart.com/login
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the dots icon next to your profile picture
  3. Then, click on Webinar. If you have already created webinars, they will all appear on the screen. If you haven't created one yet, learn how below:

For more details, check out how to create and use my Hotmart Extensions Webinar.

If you have any questions regarding the Extensions Webinar, contact our Customer Support with the subject HOTMART EXTENSIONS. Our team is ready to help you!

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