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How does the international purchase process work?

For international purchases, the system identifies the location of the buyer and the price of the product will be automatically converted to the local currency, Dollar, or Euro (depending on the country). If this conversion isn’t automatic, the buyer needs to inform on the checkout page the country where she is located, so the page is reset to this location.

Other information that need to be provided from there: full name, email, and, in some cases, post code, city, address, number and complement.

The only option available for international payment is credit card*. Then, the buyer needs to provide the following payment information: credit card number, name as in the card (of credit card holder), expiration date and CVV.

* Some countries have local payment options such as OXXO (Mexico) or Baloto (Colombia)

Besides, the price of the product can only be converted into dollar, euro, mexican peso, and peruvian soles at the time of the purchase, depending on the country the buyer is.

The exchange rate is updated every day based on the market. The charge will feature in the invoice in dollar and will be converted to the local currency according to the exchange rate of the day the invoice is closed.

Attention: some countries may charge VAT over the purchase. The VAT (Value Added Tax) is a compulsory tax applied to merchandise and services in the European Union.

The VAT informed should be the VIES - common code to the entire European Union and not the NIF/NIPC, code of each location.

If you have any questions related to this topic, you can open a request on our Support under the subject INTERNATIONAL PURCHASE and our team will be happy to help you.

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