How does Global Affiliation work?

Working as an Affiliate

Being an Affiliate is a lot more than just promoting other people's products. It requires dedication and continuously striving for results and is an excellent entry to building a digital enterprise. 

Considering the vast opportunities and potential in the profession, Hotmart has created a commissioning system based on the merit of the work of its Affiliates. Want to know how it works? Let’s go!


How does Global Affiliation work?

Have you ever wondered how commissions work when you refer a product through your Hotlink to a potential customer, and for some reason, they choose to purchase a different product? Frustrating, right? But don't worry. When this happens, you could still be commissioned using Global Affiliation

Global Affiliation is a system that commissions Affiliates for sending traffic to a Producer who has more than one product on their sales site. The Affiliate can be commissioned for the sale, regardless of which product is purchased by the Buyer they provided.

The requirements for Global Affiliation are for the product to be from the same Producer and have the Affiliate Program setup and active. 


Let’s run through an example 

An Affiliate promotes product A using a HotLink. The buyer accesses this HotLink and is directed to the sales page which, in addition to product A, also has product B, from the same Producer.

While on the sales page, the buyer decides to buy the product B. Considering that the customer found out about the product purchased (product B) through the Affiliate’s link, even if they only recommended product A, the Affiliate will be commissioned for the sale made. That is, even if the buyer did not choose product A, which was recommended by the Affiliate, the commission will be attributed to the Affiliate. Remember that it’s necessary for the Affiliate Program to be enabled for product B.

As long as you are an Affiliate with any product from that Producer, Hotmart will generate an instant affiliation and you’ll get commissioned. So, an Affiliate with the first product can get commissions for all the other products sold, regardless of the period in which the customer makes the purchase. 


Important information about Global Affiliation

  • It‘s a system rule and therefore is not configurable. That is, it’s not possible to enable and disable. 
  • It assigns commissions based on cookies and leads. 
  • It works for any Affiliate Program that has already been configured, whether active or not.


Find out more about our Affiliate Program

Now that you know how the Global Affiliation process works, take this opportunity and discover our Affiliate Program! This is your chance to start your journey to becoming your own boss, achieving professional freedom, and doing what you love!

If you have any questions or problems regarding this Global Affiliation, we suggest that you contact our Customer Support. Our team is here to help!

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